Facebook is once again mulling over potential options that would bring a ‘dislike’ button to the social network. While it likely will not be called a ‘dislike’ button, it would likely have that type of message. At the very least, according to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg – the additional button would give users an additional way to express themselves. For example, he points to the fact that “a lot of times, people share things that are sad, or tough cultural or social things.”

There are actually a lot of reasons why a legitimate ‘dislike’ button would be a bad idea. Zuckerberg pointed out that it would likely corrode the number of total posts that were being published to the site – ultimately curbing the total number of posts – which would hurt the advertising platform that Facebook is working to grow and compete with Google. And if that’s not enough, it would even turn Facebook into a more “competitive” forum experience – than actual social network used to log serious life events. The switch is one that would seriously alter the course that Facebook is on, and given the fact that Facebook is beginning to trend with an “older audience” than other social networks like Instagram – for example – it would almost be a form of alienating their user-base.

This week Facebook also updated their search capabilities by finally bringing keyword search into the fold. The update to Graph Search is something that has been a long-time in the making, but something that users will gladly be utilizing. It gives them the opportunity to search old posts of their own, their friend’s old posts, and even view trending news or events more quickly. Currently, it’s only available on iOS and desktop versions but the expectation is that it will be rolling out to Android users relatively soon, as well. While the rollout is happening cautiously, some have pointed to the first month in 2015 being the target of being completely rolled out on those platforms.

Another expansion in the “trending” arena comes in the form of an update to Facebook that will now allow users to search through trending topics and read them on your mobile device. The Facebook app will now accommodate trending topics. To access this menu, users will simply have to click the search button, and the stories will be categorized. The stories from news organizations will be marked separately from news stories shared by friends, and it will essentially rank trending stories and topics. To expand a story, or trending topic – users will simply have to click on the story to expand upon it. Unlike the Graph Search update, this will be coming to Android and desktop versions first – and will be coming to iOS “soon.”

Interestingly, this will mean Facebook is testing, and running two separate features that could be considered major updates – on two different platforms – without incorporating it onto both to start.