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Microsoft’s MSN apps no longer exclusive to Windows; available for iOS and Android


Microsoft is continuing to make significant pushes toward integrating itself to a certain degree with the addition of six apps onto Android and iOS this week. The addition brought MSN apps for News, Weather, Sports, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, and Money all to iOS, Android and even Amazon platforms this week. Their arrival on the varying app stores reminded the industry that Microsoft is not afraid to dabble in other operating systems that aren’t called Windows.

However, many aren’t surprised given the fact that Microsoft had pointed out earlier in the fall that they would be bringing additional apps to more mobile platforms in the “coming months.” MSN is one of the oldest, but most-trusted names in the Web. It usually isn’t the first site anyone thinks of, unlike Google or Yahoo – but MSN as a brand that delivers a news experience – is something that has performed well over the years. Even to this day, the site sees 400 million users visiting the MSN portal each month.

Earlier MSN the website got an update that made everything feel a little more updated, and boosted the quality and focus of some of the details. That being said, it still had trouble competing in the broader market – even though they have held their own very comfortably. Microsoft though, in their efforts to be taken seriously on this front, decided to acquire a mobile app testing company called HockeyApp. It offers crash data and testing analytics for mobile apps, and as Microsoft makes their push to an expanded market – it is definitely something that will be useful.

Early reviews of the apps in both the App Store and Google Play Store seem to be overwhelmingly positive. It would seem as though right now; Microsoft has made the right decision to make their mobile products available on additional platforms than just Windows devices. The addition of iOS and Android both seem to be playing out well for the company. There is a seventh app though that looks as though it could be making it to iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Though nothing has been entirely confirmed – MSN Travel is still limited to Windows devices – but could make its appearance onto Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

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