Microsoft made their Lumia 635 deal official yesterday and noted that it would go ‘live’ today. Now, the Unlocked Lumia 635 – which was built by Nokia – but is now a part of the Microsoft family is retailing for just $129. The deal started at 8am EST and will be running through the entire day before expiring as the clock strikes midnight.

While the Lumia 635 was never a flagship device, it was definitely one that handled itself very well on the broader smartphone market. With the Lumia 635 you get a 4.5-inch IPS ClearBlack display, 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, microSD card support, 5.0MP rear camera, 1830mAh battery and Windows Phone 8.1 with Cyan SW update and more!

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 635

Overall, this is an outstanding deal for those who are looking for a good functioning smartphone, but aren’t overly concerned with having a larger phablet – as many of the flagship devices are heading toward. Plus, this device is a good device that isn’t overly expensive for someone who is looking for a smartphone that can get them between contracts until an official upgrade is available.

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Nokia never produced any bad smartphones. It is worth noting that this is Microsoft’s work at moving what is left of the Nokia devices that they have in their inventory out in time to really begin their push for smartphones in the coming year. As Microsoft is pushing to release their first flagship under the Lumia brand, and really become an imposing force in the smartphone space. This device is one that will definitely serve a solid purpose heading into the next year – as Microsoft solidifies their presence as a smartphone manufacturer.


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