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Google announces Play store’s favorite apps, games, movies in 2014


Google announced the top performers in their Google Play Store this calendar year, revealing that some of the most-popular and frequently downloaded apps in the store – were apps that not everyone expected.

Here’s how the winners broke down:

Top Downloaded Games in 2014

Candy Crush Saga: This was easily one of the most-popular games on any mobile operating system, but in the Play Store – it won outright. The puzzle game is a modern-version of old-school Jewel Quest games.

Don’t Tap the White Tile: This was a puzzle game that was branded as a game that wouldn’t be overly time-consuming, and something that could be played quickly between activities at work, or on break.

Farm Heroes Saga: This was another game in the Candy Crush family, but not quite as successful as the original. While many had high expectations for the game – it still did deliver positive results.

Subway Surfers: A game often compared to Temple Run – this is a game that delivers a fun, quick, and fast-paced experience for the user. It allows them to quickly pass time, but play a game that isn’t puzzle-based.

Clash of Clans: This is a strategy and war game – and is one of the most-popular and successful games of all mobile applications. While the game is definitely time consuming, it’s learned how to keep people interested far longer than games like Farmville.

Top Apps by Category

Education – Duolingo: This is an interesting language and learning application. It allows users to learn a different language in a community environment and even has the capability of translating documents, and other written things if need be. It’s a really popular and useful app, especially for those who are studying, or just traveling abroad.

Health & Fitness – MyFitnessPal: Fitness and Health was the fastest growing category this year, and it shows. This app was incredibly successful, as it keeps an individual’s workouts, and exercise organized in a friendly way.

Music – Pandora: A classic music streaming application that’s been around since the beginning. Even with the growing popularity of Spotify, Pandora still has the overall number one spot shored up for this category. They have one of the largest libraries of all streaming services, and from top-to-bottom this was a hard app to beat.

Photography – Flipagram: This app allows users to make short videos and then post them to Instagram. It skips through most of the editing that is needing to make a video Instagram ready and it’s something that really took off well this year.

Social – Facebook: Of course the most-popular social network in the world would also have the most-downloaded app on the Play Store as well. Even amid criticism for various things, the company still ran the best social app in the Play Store.

Entertainment – Netflix: Netflix is the streaming movie and video service that allows users to watch their movies, TV shows, and so much more at the tap of a finger. This app runs exceptionally well and is exceptionally popular as result.

Sports – NFL Mobile: NFL Mobile allows users to stream live game results, clips, and depending on your carrier even listen to particular games. The app functions very well, and even though it sometimes suffers from a poor rating – the app functions very well and is immensely popular.

Travel – TripAdvisor: This app is great because it allows the user to completely plan their entire trip without any headache or multiple websites. You can search everything in one place, store your trips, and even make full-blown transactions on the app.


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