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Twitter, Foursquare teams up to integrate location data in Tweets, Report


Twitter really wants to begin revolutionizing the quantity and quality of the information that is shared on the social network. Twitter has largely prized itself on being able to share data and share information with users in a very “up-to-the-moment” manner. The concept of trending was something that largely started on Twitter, at least in its mainstream function as people know it today. It was even successful enough that it integrated hashtags, creating a “group cause” effect on the things that people were sharing on Twitter.

That being said, the company is now ready to take the next step in integrating more information within its network. The company plans on partnering with Foursquare in 2015 – giving users an opportunity to have some higher-quality location features imbedded on the social network – specifically as it relates to Tweets.

The company has also done some research that suggests those who are shown Tweets or information regarding the location that they are either registered at – or frequently Tweeting from – are more likely to return to Twitter within 30 days, compared to those who are not shown relevant information or Tweets. That exposes a need for the company to adopt some sort of integration where Twitter is using more information – like location data – to streamline Tweets, events, and other information that’s being spread throughout Twitter, in order to drive greater numbers to, and through the social network.

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This comes just a short time after Instagram passed Twitter for number of users, and caused quite a ripple effect in the social networking space. Recently though, both Twitter and Foursquare have seen changes to their operation. This year Foursquare completely changed their operation – focusing solely on taking on Yelp directly, and bringing in the app Swarm to the field. That split the users who weren’t using Foursquare for the purpose of reviews, and check-in’s and allowed the company to focus on advertising for their core platform.

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Twitter has also been making some changes, but the changes that this social network has been applying are less cosmetic and more functional. The increased function is in the area of reported abuses which is something that Twitter had taken a lot of heat for failing to account for to date. Now, as the new update runs live, the reporting tools have become simpler, and less complex – ultimately working to revitalize some of the faith that users have in Twitter and their stance against discrimination, violence against women, and bullying online.

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