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Google working to end Android antitrust lawsuit


Google has come under fire once again. A lawsuit that was filed in California suggests that the search giant is violating antitrust laws by requiring smartphone manufacturers to include Google produced apps as the default applications for the devices. The two individuals who have filed the suit claim that it creates an environment where competition, or other applications can’t be as easily used – due to the “default” options that are often set up on these devices.

However, while the plaintiffs contend that the lawsuit is entirely justified, Google is working toward having the suit dismissed entirely. The company says that anyone can change the default settings, and when you open select applications – like web browsers, a prompt shows up that allows the user to choose what app they would like to use as a default browser. The same can be said for many functions on the devices, even when it comes to a launcher.

However, a lot of companies in the past have filed similar lawsuits. This particular suit is seeking Class Action status, and according to those involved many believe that this is an issue that Google is going to have to confront in court. While there is the possibility that the suit could be dismissed, it would be highly unlikely that the event would happen, and that the company would likely have to handle the matter in court to have a legal precedent set.

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That being said, Microsoft, and other third-party app developers have argued for many years to the European Commission that the current circumstances are anything but fair or advantageous for those who compete with the tech giant. At the end of the day, Google believes that they have the right to set Android made products as default applications – on their own platform. In comparison, the same argument could be made about Apple, although their unwillingness to compromise with third-party developers definitely hampers the overall weight a suit like that would carry against them.

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All of this may require Google to begin shedding some light on the contracts, and personal conversations that the company has had with venders and other developers associated with Android products. This could be something that hurts the company in the long run. It isn’t all bad news though for Google, as the company has seen major improvements to Android Wear. Additional watch faces, an improvement to the operating system – by receiving Lollipop, and in turn creating a situation where Android Wear can really take a step in the right direction in 2015.

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