Chromebook’s have had a good run thus far in the history, and most-recently they’ve had a stellar year of sales – famously beating out Apple’s iPad. However, Google is not stopping there, as the company has decided to include and integrate ‘OK Google’ into their Chromebook tablets. As it turns out, the feature was possible all along with the code that had been included in the operating system, but was hidden well from user’s direct line of sight.

That being said, François Beaufort of Google announced Friday that ‘OK Google’ could be activated “by toggling the chrome://flags/#enable-hotword-hardware flag,” and restarting the device. At that point, he noted, “Go to Chrome OS Settings and check ‘Enable “Ok Google’ to start a voice search.” He went on to concede that training your Chromebook to know your name would be relatively easy by simply saying ‘OK Google’ three times. Once the device has ‘OK Google’ running on it – users can pose questions as they wish.


However Beaufort did point out that this is just an experimental version of the feature and that future updates would include non-experimental versions, but set no date for a release on that. Intel has also shown a lot of support for Chromebooks, and the company has now released the Easy Migration app that will fittingly migrate data between Windows devices, iOS devices, and Android devices. The only catch is that users will have to be running a Chromebook that hosts an Intel processor. Intel has provided a website to check if your device is compatible, but it will surely be a significant hit for the Chromebook.

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Amazon is currently running $30 off select Chromebooks to catch any last-minute deal seekers who might be shopping on the site, and even features an Acer 13-inch, full HD, Chromebook for just $249 compared to the typical price point of $299. The 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook – which is from 2012 is also selling for $40 off for a limited time, as its price has been brought down to $211.