Google is now promoting Google Play among music lovers by leveraging its globally popular, unmatched web search services. Google search now displays music lyrics at the top of its search results when someone searches for “song name” plus “lyrics.” This is likely to reduce the traffic to popular music lyrics sites like and, which currently rank high in Google Search.

Ian Paul, a PC World contributor, notes that new changes don’t show the full list of song lyrics in your search results as it is the case with Bing. One needs to click a link to Google Play to see the complete lyrics. Google Play also highlights options to buy the track or subscribe to Google Play’s subscription service.

Google has also previously flexed its efforts with regards to lyrics search. Last year, Google de-ranked the startup website Rap Genius for using a variety of linking schemes and shady deals to improve their visibility.


The recent move also follows a change that Microsoft did with Bing earlier this year. Bing’s new feature also resulted in showing song lyrics above the search results as part of software giant’s efforts to compete with Google’s Knowledge Graph. Google is able to enhance its search results pages with Knowledge Graph, utilizing the data gathered from multiple sources, including Wikipedia, Google Books, Freebase, the World Factbook and other commercial data sets.

Google was beta testing this lyrics-finding feature a few months ago and was first spotted by the SEO Roundtable blog. Full rollout of this feature is expected to commence just a few days ago.

Darryl Ballantyne, CEO at LyricFind, explained that this change may shut down many lyric websites built mainly on SEO traffic. However, Google won’t replace sites, which build community around the lyrics like MetroLyrics and SongMeanings. Ballantyne expects such sites to continue to drive impressive traffic.