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Twitter brings analytics to iPhone app, on Facebook’s footstep


Twitter has made some changes to their iPhone app once again. Instead of an interface change, or massive change in function within the features that already live on the Twitter iPhone app, the company has taken a different approach with the latest changes. The changes to Twitter this time mean more access to analytic data within the app itself.

Now, Twitter users will see a small button beneath each Tweet that will allow them to “View Analytics Details” and quite literally – view the performance of that individual Tweet. The update is something that many close to the company have expected for some time as Twitter continues to make changes to the way analytic data is absorbed within the app. The update hasn’t yet come to Android, but it would be expected that as the launch goes and is proven to be more successful on one operating system – the others should follow suit.

Twitters activity page on iphone

Just earlier this year Twitter decided to open up the analytics dashboard to give users the ability to see how their Twitter profile performs broadly, as well as how individual Tweets perform. The update was not celebrated, or released with any major fanfare, but it is definitely a big move for the company in the grand scheme of the tech world. Facebook also has analytics page for the performance of each post. It seems Twitter wants to give more power to its users to keep them engaged.

The Twitter dashboard tracks replies, clicks, and impressions to give those who are publishers or even advertisers on the social networking platform, and who the information would more likely benefit. However, opening that up to the public really has done well to allow those to more closely regulate and see how their profiles and Tweets perform, and that’s something many users have become interested in.

That being said, the updated Twitter app for iOS does a great job of simplifying the data that appears on the analytics screen when a user taps the analytics button. If a user included a photo in a Tweet, then it will show you relevant data for that particular format. If there was a link, then it will show the user that bit of information as well. The updated app works hard to deliver relevant information to the user that might give them a better idea of what is being interacted with, and what is not working as well. Twitter is also reportedly working Foursquare to integrate location data with tweets.

Twitter, Foursquare teams up to integrate location data in Tweets, Report

This is just the latest in a swarm of changes that have taken place on Twitter throughout the course of this year. An update to the reporting system to make reporting offensive Tweets easier was implemented after the company saw a lot of backlash for their issues regarding offensive Tweets and the amount of cyber bullying that took place on the social network.

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