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Climate change will emerge as biggest problem in 2015


Climate change will be taking center stage as 2015 comes rolling around. With 2014 going down as the hottest year on Earth to date, it will become a point of contention for some, regarding the action, or inaction that is taken by those entities who are the biggest producers of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. Specifically, eyes will be on the United States and China as Chris Field, of Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology, said, noting that “the big issue in 2015 will be solutions.”

Scientists, governments, and people will be left to make a decision about how they wish to proceed regarding climate change. Either it will be something that is finally taken seriously, with major information being released throughout 2014 – with major real-life examples of the failures we’ve had to date in the climate change arena. That being said, with the meeting in Paris coming up in 2015, that will include the signing of the global climate treaty – countries and people will be forced to make decisions regarding climate change – instead of waiting for more information.

Many have pointed to the Marshal Islands and Kiribati as well, as two places that will be impacted first by climate change – as ocean rise continues to threaten their existence. Kiribiti has actually planned a full-scale evacuation should climate change not be stopped in the very near future. However, those won’t be the only places on Earth where global climate change is finally felt. In the coming years, many poverty-stricken locations will fall victim to climate change and be impacted the most-severely.

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The climate disruption that would be possible in the coming years – though would be coming over an extended period of time – would be as much as 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have urged lawmakers as well as the general population that we would need to leave roughly 85% of recoverable fossil fuels in the ground before moving forward to preserve the integrity of the global climate.

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The abrupt changes in climate were warned in a series of studies and reports that were released throughout the year in 2014 that detailed just how bad the situation had become. All of the information that was released points to the importance of focusing on improving our global take from the climate in the coming years.

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