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Apple iOS 8 battery issue continues with iOS 8.1.2 update

Perhaps the most-persistent issue that was found on any of the iOS devices this fall was the constant battery issue. The battery drain that persisted on the newest lineup of devices thanks to the newest operating system – iOS 8 was enough to make even the most-dedicated of Apple users question their loyalty to the brand.

Battery drain on iOS 8 has been a major sticking point for users since day one. However, it would appear as though there aren’t any major solutions to that issue. More times than not, the reason for the battery drain has less to do with the operating system itself, than it does to do with the function of individual third-party applications. That being said, consulting the settings on any iPhone or iPad that might have been a gift for the holiday season, and ensuring that no apps are using an extraordinary amount of battery life is key. This can be done by going through the settings, but ultimately is not full-proof.

Another common issue with regards to battery drain is negotiating screen brightness, and changing the “location settings” on various apps and even the device as a whole. However, if battery issues don’t plague you, but you have a new Apple device – it’s worth noting that the passcode lock is a double-edged sword.

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That means for anyone who sets a passcode to a device, but forgets the passcode – Apple will not be able to solve your problems. In fact, Apple has come right out and pointed out that for truly “good” security, there cannot be a workaround to resolve the issue. For those individuals though, who lose their passcode, or forget it entirely – the options are either restoring from an iCloud backup or resetting the device entirely without any data recovery.

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