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Sony PlayStation Network and Xbox Live resuscitates after Lizard Squad’s attack


Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Christmas day that led to both the PlayStation Network, as well as the Xbox Live network down most of the day on Christmas, and even the next day. While Microsoft recovered the Xbox Live network relatively quickly, and got the network back up and running by the following day – and even some users having their networks restored by late Christmas night – Sony saw significantly larger problems getting PSN back online.

Even now, approaching four days following the cyber-attacks that left the network paralyzed and gamers without a method to play gifts on one of the biggest gaming days of the year, the network is still experiencing errors and users are actually suggesting that the issues are worse than Sony has leading many to believe at this point.

Sony pointed out in a statement that “We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.” However, Sony has been experiencing a wide variety of issues to this point as well. Whether they’re recovering from the attack by GOP – or Guardians of Peace as they like to be called – or if it’s the attack by Lizard Squad – the company seems to be unable to catch any break at this point.

This isn’t Lizard Squad’s first attempt at hacking a major gaming networks. In fact, they claimed responsibility for two separate attacks – one in August on Sony’s PlayStation Network – and the other in December on Microsoft’s Xbox Live network. Another event earlier in the year actually included the hacking collective tweeting a bomb threat that caused an American Airlines flight to make an emergency landing. That flight had John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment on board.


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While the group isn’t making bomb threats every day, it’s worth pointing out that it’s universally believed that this group isn’t one that should be taken lightly by any means. Lizard Squad likely is not working with any terrorist groups, or anything incredibly serious like that – they have a highly-functioning group that works together very well.

Lizard Squad though claims that they executed the attacks for reasons of network security. In their opinion, the attacks were meant to wake up Sony and Microsoft and ensure that better security would be present on both networks moving forward.

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