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Belize’s Blue Hole reveals Mayan extinct due to 100 years long drought (+video)


Belize’s ‘Blue Hole’ has been at the center of scientific debate for years. In fact, in recent years – scientists have begun wondering what the sediment trap could tell us about years past – with regards to how the climate has evolved throughout history. Now, scientists believe that they have been able to identify the chief reason why the Mayans’ actually disappeared from the Earth.

The results showed that an extreme dry spell was the root cause of the issue. In fact, the scientists found through the sediment samples that they took that there was a major shift for roughly 100 years. Between 800 and 900 A.D. scientists have pointed to an extreme dry spell that caused the population to part ways and ultimately fall apart.

Even though the population did live on, after they migrated north temporarily and then returned south when the temperatures and rain returned to what they had experienced as normal – they again disappeared just a few hundred years later. For roughly 400 years the Mayans’ did very well in the Yucatan peninsula. However, even though the civilization only lasted for a few hundred years – they were collectively one of the most-advanced civilizations of all-time.

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They developed massive structures, had a calendar and writing system that could rival almost any advanced system – and even dabbled in, and mastered astronomy. This though just reinforces the role that climate change can play in the overall survival of a civilization. At the end of the day, massive climate change – like an extended draught – can destroy any civilization unless extreme planning and development is involved.

This was a population that didn’t see this coming, and at the end of the day – they were ended because of that. Their original homes were made uninhabitable and once that happened the entire structure fell apart that held their civilization together. This though isn’t the first time that drought has been tied to the end of the Mayan civilization. The Blue Hole though provides new insights into how the entire world at that end might have looked and functioned at that time. While the civilization flourished initially, they saw their demise come from an extreme and long-term drought.


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