While Windows Phone 8.1 Update started to roll out on Lumia devices early this week, Microsoft’s mobile OS continues to grab more attention from users. Revealing the latest stats on Windows Phone, AdDuplex has reported that Windows Phone 8.1 adoption rate is now 57.9 percent, with Windows Phone 8.0 at 27.1 percent and Windows Phone 7.x collectively at 15 percent.

According to AdDuplex, they have concluded these results on the basis of 4,832 apps that implement their software development kit. It seems the OS doesn’t suffer from the so-called “fragmentation” – quite a popular term among Android users – as Windows Phone 8.1 has reached almost 60 percent of market share, thanks to new Lumia phones.

Windows Phone Share December 2014

The newest version of the OS has increased by 7.1 percent compared to November’s stats. This means that many users have already installed the SW update and new Lumia devices are being popular increasingly. While Windows Phone 8.1 declines by 6.4 percent, Windows Phone 7.x has remained virtually unchanged (-0.7 percent) as the older devices can’t be upgraded.

Windows Phone Device Share December 2014

To no surprise, Microsoft/Nokia still dominates the space with 95.51 percent, followed by HTC (2.76 percent), Samsung at 0.98 percent, Huawei at 0.54 percent, and others with a small increment, thanks to the low-end devices in emerging markets. There’s no change in the top 10 Windows phones, firmly taken over by the Lumia 520 with 25.4 percent, although the Lumia 630 with a bit gain has reached to 8.1 percent and, for the first time, the 4G variant Lumia 635 (3.1 percent) has also entered into the charts.

Microsoft hopes 0% Windows Phone 8.x OS fragmentation; Windows 10 is the future

In the United States, the OS is still far from worldwide adoption momentum. There are still more phones running v8.0 (47.5 percent) than 8.1 (46.6 percent).

Moreover, AdDuplex has also spotted two new devices: Microsoft Lumia (RM-1068) with 4-inch WVGA screen in Brazil and 4.7-inch LG VW820 in Korea.


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