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Samsung launches Milk VR to boost content for Gear VR headset


Samsung knows what the major problem is that so many people have with virtual reality headsets. Well, they know what the secondary problem is. First, the cost doesn’t quite measure up to the quality of the content that you ultimately have access to with a virtual reality headset. However, the second issue falls right within the confines of that first issue. Like any media or mobile device – at the end of the day – content is what users want. They want a good volume of content, and they want to achieve that content in a straightforward manner.

After all, anyone who spends hundreds of dollars – up to, or beyond $199 for a virtual reality headset surely wants something that is going to bring a good volume of content with it, or at least compatibility with content. Gear VR was a big investment for Samsung, and at the end of the day – they want to get users back and Milk is a good way to start. Milk VR, Video, and Radio services all make Samsung a bigger player in the content space, and when you’re competing with names like Google – when they have cheaper headsets – along with better content streams – it’s hard to say that changes are necessary.

Nick DiCarlo, the head of Samsung’s VR business pointed out that “Video is like the Wild West in VR,” and he even went on to point out that “There are so many ways to shoot immersive video. Milk VR can play a wide range of content.” However, when the headset first released – with the Gear Watch and Galaxy Note 4, it didn’t perform nearly as well as what many within Samsung expected.

The streaming service will bring a series of categories to the table as well. They will include “Fresh,” Trending,” “Action,” “Planet VR,” “Music,” “Sports,” and “VR Life.” Right now it would appear as though anyone, in theory, would have the ability to upload to the streaming service, but Samsung is working closely with partners to ensure that only the highest of quality videos actually make the cut. Right now though, the quantity of videos is scarce it and it looks like it could stay like that for some time before they’re finally made larger through content partners.


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All of this comes shortly after Google announced major changes and updates to the Cardboard experience. Now, users can even create their own cardboard virtual reality headset that will work with any Android smartphone. Even more impressive, the Android market for VR related content and apps is expanding while Google puts extra focus on ensuring that users can get a dominant VR experience – no matter what they’re using – even if they are using a headset that costs just $10-25.

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