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Curiosity and UFO watchers declares stone as Coffin on Mars (+video)


Curiosity has caught a lot of images over Mars in its time looking onto the planet. However, the images that have been uncovered today might be the most-curious of all of the images. The images that were captured show a small object on the surface of the Red Planet that looks like a coffin, according to one UFO enthusiast.

In a YouTube video, the individual asserts that what he is looking at on the surface of the planet – which appears to be rectangular in shape – could be a coffin. Although the sizing of the object can’t be verified, and until we have a human presence on the Red Planet – which is being actively explored and worked on by NASA – all of this is nothing but speculation.

He points out, regarding the area that those onlookers have begun speculating about: This little box sure does look like a modern coffin concrete liner.” He goes on to point out that “AS well as the stonework on the back part of the hill that looks like stairs or some left over stonework from some old civilizations’ constructions.” He even talks about how in his opinion, it would appear as though the entire region was under water to some degree, or perhaps that the entire landscape was once covered with water in this region.

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It may seem like nonsense to some, or it may seem too far-fetched to even be reality, but these individuals are growing in population. The individuals who firmly believe that there is life on Mars and that the likelihood of life is actually quite realistic. It was just recently that scientists were observing gas patterns on the surface of Mars that would indicate life to some degree.

However, it’s become a very common practice to see something or to reach to connect dots where there otherwise isn’t enough evidence to make the connection. UFO spotters have been talking about UFO’s being present all over the world, in various videos, photos and more – and this ultimately just feeds that fire even more. Plus, with the constant discovery of historic human life on Earth – it’s only fair that humans attempt to make the same connections through similar rationale on other planets – whether it’s true or not.

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