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Upset iPhone users sue Apple over misleading 16GB iPhones’ storage capacity in ads


Apple is getting sued again. This time, the lawsuit which is seeking class-action status is alleging that the company misled their users when they advertised the storage capacity of their iPhones. Specifically, the lawsuit speaks to the devices with smaller storage facilities on them and suggests that Apple has been broadening the size of its iOS in order to force users to pay for cloud storage.

The lofty allegations are all brought by the fact that the most-recent update to iOS 8, from the previous staple iOS 7 created a scenario where users would lose nearly a quarter of the storage on their device before they are even allowed to touch the iPhone. However, according to Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara – who actually filed the complaint – the issue isn’t just impacting iPhones. Specifically, iPad Air and new iPods have both been impacted as well, all having between 18-23% of their total storage soaked up by iOS 8.

The impact though is typically only felt on the smaller devices. Meaning, the devices that come with either 8GB or 16GB of storage. The court documents suggest that as much as 1.3GB of storage is immediately lost on devices that otherwise have very little space on them to begin with when compared to other devices like larger options.

Apple iOS 8 battery issue continues with iOS 8.1.2 update

Apple first came under fire on this issue when the company was seeing users being pushed into deleting mass numbers of photos, videos and even applications in order to update to the most-recent operating system. However, the update was one that was met with harsh criticism across the board. Whether it was the buggy nature of the release of iOS 8, or the completely failed update that came after the initial problems were spotted – which only made matters worse – Apple has been playing catch up from day one when it came to iOS 8.

This lawsuit, is just the latest in a lengthy number of issues that the tech giant has faced as they head into a new year – that seems as though it will be filled with court proceedings and litigation in addition to the usual run of releases, launches, and updates.

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