Windows might finally see a device that falls into the phablet category this spring, as a photo has emerged online suggesting that the next Lumia phone with Microsoft branding, will be a 5.7-inch device that will likely launch at MWC in March. This could be just the second major launch for Microsoft as a whole as it relates to taking over as the owners of the Lumia brand.

The Lumia 1330 will be a mid-range device that won’t necessarily compete with the flagship devices running iOS or Android – but offer a large-screen option for those who aren’t looking to spend the exorbitant amount of money that is undoubtedly required to be spent on phones like the Galaxy S6, or HTC One M9 that will both release this year.

Microsoft Lumia 1330 Back Cover

The device will bring a 5.7-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of on-board storage. While none of those features are incredibly impressive, for a Windows device, it would be more than efficient to make the Lumia 1330 a pleasant device to use from the start to finish.

Lumia 1330 Specs

While the Lumia 1320 did very well, and was actually coupled with another device launch simultaneously, it would not be a shock to see a similar situation unfold here. The cameras on the device will be impressive as well combining a 14.1MP rear sensor and a 5MP front-facing sensor.

Lumia 1330 with Lumia 535

These increased specifications are some that really make this device an interesting addition to the smartphone space. While Windows has historically struggled, the new branding of Microsoft could make the device a little more interesting when it comes to actually launching the device. It’s unclear whether there will be additional storage options, or whether this will be the only option available, or what any of the variations will include with this device beyond these immediate specifications – but it’s clear that Microsoft is looking to create a good assortment of devices that can withstand the growing pressures of the market and still deliver an experience that can rival competitors using Android or iOS.



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