Philae may be waking up soon, according to scientists and space experts as the lander, and comet – get closer to the sun. The heat would in effect cause the craft to repower itself, and give it a little bit of life – as the power has since dwindled to nothing – rendering the craft powerless. In Paris, Jean-Yves Le Gall pointed out that “The Philae saga is going to continue.” Le Gall is the head of the National Centre for Space Studies, and the European Space Agency has collectively holding their breath as Philae left its mother ship – Rosetta and successfully landed on a comet for the first time in the history of space aviation.

While this is not a manned expedition, this has undoubtedly been one of the biggest successes in space aviation history – getting a lander on a comet and giving scientists the ability to really evaluate what the process might have looked like – as far as a comet coming to be. That said, the information that would be collected by those who were evaluating it – could be used to actually determine some of the “unknowns” when it comes to the development and creation of our very own planet.

That though was all before Philae wound up beside a cliff, and unable to receive any sunlight. Sunlight which was, and is, required to power up those batteries that keep the Philae lander moving and ready to operate. Le Gall said, “We hope that from March, the sunlight will help the robot to recharge its batteries and resume its scientific work.”

First Quadrantid meteor shower of 2015 radiates from constellation Boötes

It’s unclear right now how much longer the craft could conceivably continue working under the intense heat of the sun – as it draws closer and closer to the giant star at the center of the universe, but it would appear as though the craft could easily make it through the summer. Although a lot of that remains up in the air as the lander continues to sit idle.

However, scientists aren’t even 100% sure where the craft is even sitting at this very moment. They know where they last saw it, and they have a dedicated team looking to find the craft, but right now it would appear as though the Philae lander is completely missing, but could reconnect as soon as March.