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Intel launches 5th Gen Core processors ‘Broadwell’ at CES 2015


Intel has officially launched one of the most-highly anticipated set of core processors that the company has produced in the last decade in releasing the 5th generation of their famed Intel Core processors. Altogether, the company has released 14 new processors – 10 of which that fall into the 15W category with HD graphics, and then 4 additional 28W processors that will bring Intel Iris Graphics into the fold.

While they were designed for nearly any type of system, or personal computing experience – the main goal of these next-generation processors was to make them significantly more efficient, more lightweight, and even thinner. Accompanying the 5th generation of Intel Core processors is the addition of 35% more transistors to improve performance. Additionally, the company focused on improving the architecture of the processors to ensure that they would be as efficient as possible – even on older machines.

Intel pointed out that for those who would be giving a 5-year-old PC a refresher would notice a significant increase in functional speed with the updated processor. Additionally, the company pointed out that battery would boost by roughly 1.5 hours, as well. Some of the other specification increases for those who would be using these processors to improve an older PC would notice things like a “wake speed” that would crest 9 times faster than current speeds, and a graphics performance that would be improved by as much as 12 times with the new processor.

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The company did note though that some machines could see as much as two times as much battery life with the upgrades in the new processors. Asus and Samsung have been the first to formally announce that they would be taking advantage of the new processors, but it’s been clear all along that this year’s laptops, ultra-books, 2-in-1’s and even tablets – would see significant improvements when it comes to performance, compared to past years.

However, Intel wasn’t the only company to jump out and show off some of their new processors for the 2015 family of products that will be unveiled this year. Nvidia also unveiled their new Tegra X1 at CES and is looking to make a significant splash in Intel’s market as well.

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