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Images reveal a Nokia tablet is coming soon


There have been some rumors since some time now, indicating that Nokia might be working on a new Nokia Tablet device. There has been information provided by the popular Twitter source ‘@evleaks’ saying that Nokia has plans to come up with a brand new tablet of its own.

When it comes to technology secrets and upcoming gadgets, @evleaks has always been one of the best sources to rely on. And just some time back, @evleaks revealed the Adidas miCoach app made by Nokia on a mock up tablet which might have something to do with the design or looks and feel of the soon to come Nokia tablet.

Now for consumers who have always been a fan of Nokia, this news might be exciting but it is crucial that we do not jump straight to conclusions. Not that we do not want to believe in the information provided by the source, but more because we want to evaluate things first.

The tablet shown here certainly looks something that Nokia might go with. The design, the form factor and even the app, all look very stunning and perfect. But this could also be just another mockup or Photoshop work in which the name Nokia has been put on the tablet in extremely nice and clean manner.

The idea of a Nokia tablet undoubtedly sounds good, and we would love to see a tablet like this enter the market soon enough. But as of now, it will not be correct to simply accept that Nokia Tablet will arrive this year (or even next), provided that the company has already been busy in a lot of other things including the Nokia Lumia series of smartphones and the business plans related to these smartphones.

So the bottom line for now is that we first wait for Nokia to make an official announcement or at least give us some kind of hint about the device on which the company is working on.

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