Apple has published a new patent application that illustrates a new design for one of the company’s most popular and best selling products throughout the world, the Apple MacBook Pro.

Apple has published this new patent application, and it gives us an idea about what we could get to see in the upcoming MacBook Pro series of laptops. This patent application describes a convertible MacBook design which has a touchscreen display that can be separated from the base, meaning that the new MacBook Pro series of laptops could serve as fully functional laptops and at the same time could be used as tablets. So consumers will even get the iPad experience on their MacBook Pro.

Apple has always been focusing on the MacBook Pro and has been making it better and better every time. The company recently added a lot of extra features and also got rid of some extra weight from the MacBook Pro. The new series of MacBook Pro laptops have a retina display and have removed the slot load disc drive, making the laptop much more slimmer, lighter and better than the previous models.

We see a similar change rather an improvement that will be a part of the Apple MacBook Pro laptops in the near future. But coming back to the point, this new design is nothing new at all. We have already seen laptops from brands like HP, the HP Envy series.

HP already offers laptops that do exactly the same thing that Apple has mentioned in the patent application. These laptops are slim and light, and also have a touchscreen display that can be separated from the base and used as a tablet.

Apple MacBook Pro will soon be able to do all this. But what we are really interested in knowing, is the operating system that will be present on the tablet version of the laptop because Apple has two options, Mac OS X or iOS.