Recently there have been rumors and leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 928 showing up on the internet. It was said that this smartphone will be exclusive to Verizon. Now there have been reports indicating that one of the biggest carriers in the US, AT&T is also planning to launch a new Nokia Lumia 877 Windows Phone device that has not been announced yet.

According to a new claim from Alan Mendelevich, AT&T will soon start offering a new Nokia Lumia 877 smartphone. Alan Mendelevich is the founder of the Windows Phone app ad company AdDuplex.

Mendelevich posted something interesting on his Twitter account @AdDuplex where he said: we’ve spotted something called Nokia RM-877_nam_att_205 on AT&T in US with 1280×768 screen.

Now that things have started to become interesting, let me also tell you that there have been a lot of rumors about Nokia coming up with a cool new smartphone that would be even more appealing that the Nokia Lumia 820 and as a matter of fact even the Lumia 920. Rumors even said that this new smartphone could have a camera similar to the one on the famous Nokia 808 PureView.

We do not want to get into the possible details of this smartphone right now but we will surely get back to you when we have more info on this topic. As of now, the only thing we do know is that we can expect a new Nokia smartphone very soon.


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