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CES 2015: Intel unveils Curie a tiny, button-sized product for wearables


Intel has shrunk the size of a computer down yet again. The company famous for some of the best processors on Earth – has created a button-sized computer that would be ideal for wearable technology. The Intel Curie computer will be small enough to change completely and revolutionize the field of wearable technology.

“Last year we introduced Edison – basically a computer the size of a postage stamp, but as engineers we knew we could do better. And I have to tell you, we’ve done it,” said the CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich. The function of the tiny piece of computing technology is really impressive, too. It can track motion, and connect wirelessly to things – that is great – but perhaps the most interesting function of the tiny computer is that it can run Microsoft Office on it. This is important because it shows the function beyond simply fitness trackers.

While fitness trackers are important – the future of computing is getting smaller – despite the size of tablets and phones getting larger. Curie-based devices will be something that consumers see popping up more, and more frequently throughout this year and into the next few years as the product is honed down and perfected even more. Intel isn’t trying to sell this product as a standalone, which means that other companies like Nike or Oakley for example will have the opportunity to utilize Curie and create pieces of wearable technology that can be combined with the tiny computing system.

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Curie could be built into a button, and is smaller than a physical button that you would find on a shirt, or pair of pants. Combining this with other pieces of technology like wearable watches, and things of that nature – means more room for other features and even a more lightweight design. Moving forward as the company works to make this product better – it will be interesting to see what kind of use this platform gets. Specifically, it would appear as though those at Intel will be cashing in on this type of product for many years to come after this launch.

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