LG might have stolen the show this week with a wearable that actually does more than most other wearables to date. The smartwatch was used to call a self-driving vehicle, and that vehicle was an Audi. The self-driving Audi was impressive enough, but the fact that LG has successfully paired technology inside a smartwatch, with technology inside a vehicle to make beckoning an automobile possible is quite impressive – even for the standards of 2015.

However, one of the most talked about features of the smartwatch is the fact that it does not run Android Wear. It had been reported previously that Android Wear would be the technology of choice for actual operation of the smartwatch – but the smartwatch, which LG unveiled this week at CES, was actually running an entirely different type of operating system. Specifically, Open webOS was the operating system of choice, and it looked like a significant improvement and upgrade over previous examples of webOS.

The smartwatch will be connecting to wireless data – just as previous models have and will give the user the opportunity to do things like – make phone calls, and even call their Audi. The vehicle will obviously have to be supported by the new feature – and the smartwatch will be connected to other smart devices, like smartphones or tablets – but the move, to join forces with Audi, is one that will be good for both companies looking to put a dent in the high-end technology markets in the coming years.

Add in NFC technology and things like unlocking doors – or locking doors will be done wirelessly via the smartwatch. While this may not seem overly impressive, the fact that a vehicle that can be called with a smartwatch still impresses. That being said, the smartwatch will boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, and pricing on the device still isn’t known. A lot of details are still unknown – but will likely become known in February at MWC 2015. Current prototypes, which have been shown in video clips, suggest that it would resemble the LG G Watch R, and have similar styling to that smartwatch.