Windows 10 will be first ‘cross-platform’ operating system compatible with all devices such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, and IoT. Moreover, the newly released ‘Phone Insider’ app for Windows Phone 8.1 also confirms that Windows 10 for phones is imminent as the app will allow users to install preview versions of the new OS on phones.

Although, the app was published on December 11, 2014 on Windows Phone Store, but discovered now only. Maybe Microsoft may have taken down from the store at that time and has made it visible again a month later.

The app description reads on the store, “The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft. For more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider visit”

Phone Insider app

In early 2014, Microsoft also released ‘Preview for Developers’ app that allows developers to receive and install early bits of Windows Phone 8.1 OS before the approval of manufacturers and operators. Similarly, the Phone Insider could be yet another version of Preview for Developers as it will also let Windows Insiders (developers and users) to receive pre-release version of Windows 10 on phones.

Microsoft hopes 0% Windows Phone 8.x OS fragmentation; Windows 10 is the future

The Windows Insiders are the early adopters of Windows and are offered to install and try out preliminary builds of Windows, known as Technical Preview. With Phone Insider app, the opportunity will be extended to Windows phone users too. Currently, only Microsoft employees are allowed to login and access interim builds of the OS. Microsoft will preview desktop-class as well as mobile features of Windows 10 and release Technical Preview for Consumer at the January 21 event, and Windows Insiders may get access to early bits of Windows 10 for phones next week right after the announcement.


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