Spotify saw significant growth over the course of 2014, and it looks like 2015 is going to be just productive. At the very least, it would appear as though the year is starting off very well for the music streaming service who saw those massive gains throughout 2014. Spotify announced that the company had increased their number of total users from 50 million to 60 million by the end of 2014, citing a 10 million increase in userbase in just the last two months of the 2014 year.

Meanwhile, the improvements were not just in the area of overall users. Specifically, the number of paying users significantly increased over the course of the last year. The latest increase was an increase from 12.5 million paying users to 15 million paying users. That steady 25% share that Spotify holds for their paying users versus their total users is one that has been a concern to some. Some have contended that while that number does not increase, the company does not necessarily improve their standing or their profitability. However, the continual addition of new music, new users, and paying users – all lend to the overall success of the streaming music platform.

Spotify Userbase 2014-15

It would appear though that mobile is the biggest contender for Spotify moving forward. The company released numbers that showed over 50% of their total user base was listening to Spotify on a mobile device. That means smartphones and tablets are the major players when it comes to how users stream their music. Meanwhile just 3% of users use the web player, which is something that the company might address in the coming year, as the emphasis clearly fades away from laptops and desktops – and goes more harshly to mobile devices.

CES 2015 was a significant sign of the changes that are taking place on mobile devices. Overall, more people are streaming on mobile devices than on desktop platforms. Spotify noted that just 48% of users actually used the desktop version of Spotify, pointing to that continued change of trend with regards to mobile technology – and how users stream music online. The notion that streaming services like Spotify are fading, or will become anything but the future of music listening – is a debate that can essentially end with these numbers being released by Spotify, despite some of the challenges the company faced with Taylor Swift, and artists feeling as though they’re getting a bad shake with Spotify.