Google is bringing an update to their Google Translate app that focuses on translating a number of highly spoken languages to text, and other languages as well. The update is a major one that will focus on translating vocal, and written languages to, and from more than 90 different languages. Impressively, the update will even allow users to translate via camera shot, in addition to traditional methods of text-input or handwriting.

The new update though won’t just be bringing a change to how users translate, but even putting additional focus on the process users must go through to translate a given portion of text. The new app will give users the ability to have the app determine what language is being spoken, and then translate it to a specific language without any extensive work. Compared to Skype’s translator service, powered by Microsoft, it appears as though it will outperform that by quite a margin. Simply given the fact that Google has more experience in the language conversion space, and Microsoft is only recently jumping into the arena.


Google Translate though does carry 500 million monthly active users, and while that is oftentimes a misleading statistic – it’s the point that frequently, the app is found useful to a broad range of individuals. The business potential, specifically, the reason Microsoft launched Skype’s translation service, points to the obvious need for this type of service. Understandably, Google now expanding on their potential – by offering additional languages and a more-advanced service only speaks to the global necessity for a highly-performing app like this one.

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Skype’s translation service though is only available for Spanish to English, and is only being used by roughly 40,000 people at the moment. Though, Microsoft says that it will be available to the general public – and not just a population of testers sooner than later. Google will likely be first to the translation finish line as they are now looking to really step up the speed of launch for their update.

It’s worth also noting that there are a number of available options for individuals who are looking for an app that can function as a highly-productive translator. These two options have received the most press given the fact that they offer the most productive methods for translation in terms of speed and overall accuracy.