Grand Theft Auto V, the popular title by Rockstar Games, which was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last September, was slated to be released this month on PC. The original date of release was expected to be January 27th, but now reports have surfaced that the company will be pushing the release of the PC version all the way to March 24th. While Rockstar immediately tried to quell those rumors by saying that the game would see its on-time release in January.

However, the rumors persisted, and the company eventually released a statement regarding the release and the future of the Grand Theft Auto V release date for PC users. They said in a statement, “Our apologies for the slight shift in the date but the game requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be.” The company then went on to say in the same statement that “Moving a release date is never a decision we take lightly and is a choice we make only when we know it is in the best interests of the game and our fans. Thanks to everyone for your understanding and we assure you these few extra weeks will be worth it when the game does arrive in March.”


Throughout the history of the franchise, Grand Theft Auto has been one of Rockstar Games most successful titles. The significant improvements within the game, and with the addition of more aggressive displays mean that the company is being forced to put more energy and more work into the franchise than in previous years. Also, the increasingly aggressive release schedule is something that has caught many studios off-guard.

With the growing specifications of the game, the expectations of the systems running those games – like Grand Theft Auto V – have been having more, and more asked of them. Anyone looking to play the most recent addition to the franchise will have to be at least running an Intel Core i5 processor or AMD X8 FX-8350 processor, as well as 8GB of RAM, and 65GB of storage available at the time of download. All of that means that for those looking to play Grand Theft Auto on their computer – they will likely be upgrading their systems as well.