Google Domains has launched in the United States, and it is looking to take a bite out of sites like GoDaddy, who deliver domain services, including selling domain names to individuals willing to pay a price. Google noted that the launch does not mean that the domain registration service is public though. The company urged that Google Domains is still in beta testing, and that even though the service is through private testing – that it began over the summer – the beta testing period will begin to introduce more services and features that were otherwise non-existent before.

The Google Domains service includes features like free email forwarding to your Gmail inbox, free private registration, free domain forwarding, and also the support for at least 100 sub-domains. Google Domains even taps into the growing field of domain endings – that simply aren’t limited to .com, or .net. Google has made it clear though that in this situation – enterprise customers are of the utmost importance. The company said that they would also be including support for phones, as well.

One of the most intriguing additions to the lineup of Google Domains that would really give it some additional firepower against products like what GoDaddy offer would be the fact that they would also be supporting their Blogger platform which would allow users to work directly with the blogger platform and connect any domains that would be purchased through Google Domains. This is a major move for the company since sites like WordPress, and others already offer significant connectivity and ease of purchase of domains.

Google Domains also has partnered with sites like Wix to work on creating websites as well. That means those users, who do use the Google Domains product, will actually have access to a pretty significant number of resources for actually building that website – depending on what the needs of the individual, or website are. Google Domains will even be offering templates from those site-building locations to ensure that users can see what they are looking at or choosing, throughout the actual process.

Google taking this step into the domain space is something that isn’t exactly a surprise, but at the same time merits a serious move in the overall game of the internet. The move means that users will now have a greater opportunity to expose themselves really, and give them an opportunity to have one of the most powerful names on the internet at their disposal.