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Samsung Group ditches Android, first Tizen smartphone launched in India


Samsung Group has been working to begin separating itself from Android and Google for a while. Now, the company has a somewhat significant milestone to hang its hat on. That being the first-ever launch of a Samsung smartphone – powered by Tizen. Tizen is an operating system packed with impressive features and alternative to Google’s Android. In fact, some of Samsung’s wearable technologies are already powered by Tizen OS.

However, this does not necessarily mean that Tizen is the future and that Android users should worry at all about their beloved operating system going by the wayside. That simply is not the case. The operating system is only now appearing in India with this particular device, and is only the early stages of Samsung working to build an operating system that could eventually compete with Android. At this point, it is highly unlikely that the company faces any real competition in the foreseeable future on this front. However, it is a good sign that Samsung is still moving forward with their ideas to win in the mobile operating system space.

This particular Tizen driven device was originally scheduled to launch earlier, but due to release issues and issues within the system before launch Samsung delayed that launch to today. The Samsung Z1 really looks to capture a portion of the market that otherwise has not been captured to date. While the specifications seem weak compared to some of the more high-end models that are on the market in the smartphone space.

Samsung Z1


The Samsung Z1 will cost 5,700 INR ($92 at current exchange rates). The price tag beats out the entry-level devices produced by Xiaomi, which cost roughly $150 and go up from there. Those specifications, which will feel lackluster to those who are dedicated smartphone users will start with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor that packs 768MB of RAM. The rear-facing camera is just 3.1MP, which sounds unappealing at the onset, but for the cost associated – combined with the market that the device is entering – will serve as a solid starter for Samsung. A WVGA+ screen, which will measure in at 4-inches will make this device a solid starter for the low-to-mid end of the smartphone spectrum. The Z1 will start with 4GB of storage on the device, as well as expandable storage options up to 64GB. The device will come with a few color options – highlighted by a red, white, and black – and in the words of Samsung’s President and CEO of Samsung in India – this device will “meet [the] unique, entertainment-focused needs of local Indian consumers.”

For those who are looking for a Tizen driven device made by Samsung that will pack a little more power into it – then those customers should wait for the Samsung Z – which will be packing a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, as well as a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. However, it is unclear at this point how soon that device will release, as Samsung clearly moves toward capturing the high-end market with their Tizen devices.

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