Facebook has officially introduced ‘Facebook at Work’ aka ‘FB@Work’ today by unveiling the app for iOS and Android platform, which would help businesses keep their employees within a safe network – that could act as a social network for the office. This is a move that Facebook has been working on, and collaborating on for some time – in an effort to create a product that would be useful for those businesses who are looking to get their employees within a network that is both protected – but social at the same time. The ease of collaboration is something that Facebook believes would be highly beneficial to businesses.

The security within Facebook at Work would also be significantly improved over traditional forms of the social networking platform. It would not store any, or track any personal user data of individuals within a corporation – and would also protect the information that users do put within that network. This though is not something that has been widely introduced, or is seeing use from a lot of large companies. In fact, Facebook is still calling the software in “early-development” and something that is still a number of months or even a year out potentially.

Facebook at Work

The ultimate goal of this social network for work is something that would eliminate the clutter of an email inbox when chain emails are going around, or when a significant number of documents are being passed around the office. The integration of things like groups, messages, chats, events, and even something as simple as the News Feed – will make productivity happen at a higher clip, and even just make office organization significantly easier than in the past.

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Right now the model of how Facebook will make money from this program is something of a mystery. It is not entirely clear how Facebook will work ‘Facebook at Work’. The company could charge individual companies like some other models have suggested, or if they will pay for it the same way Facebook pays for everything – by harnessing advertisers. However, to maintain the security of the social network for work – it would be crucial for Facebook to keep the outside access to an absolute minimum. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will be going head-to-head against companies like Microsoft and Google – who already have significant stakes in the office space – with programs and platforms keyed in to making organization at the office easy.