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Lion’s mane jellyfish tops largest creatures in the ocean title, reveals study


Researchers have finally put together a table of data that the science community might finally be able to collaboratively agree on with regards to the size of particularly large creatures in the ocean. Specifically, marine animals like the giant squid who have developed serious myths with regards to how large they really are. Scientists have speculated that, for example, with the giant squid specifically in mind – that the size of one could be as large as 60 feet. However, as it turns out that the number is significantly overstated, and the legitimate size is closer to 40 feet – with the giant squid measuring in at 39.4 feet.

The giant squid though wasn’t exclusively the only marine creature that received an updated and accurate size count. The desire to get more accurate measurements of marine creatures is something that has been universally approached. Craig McClain though was the lead author of a scientific paper that attempted to answer some of the more-challenging questions regarding their answers. That being said, many of the measurements that were previously known or noted were measurements that were in one way or another compromised. Specifically, when many of these creatures – like the giant squid – were recovered, they were recovered when they were washed ashore or had been touched by humans after the fact.

Many had contested for some time that in the case of the giant squid, the muscles on the creature, as well as the other tissues became loose and ultimately distorted what the raw size of the creature really was. However, some of the other notable sizes that were revealed by the study were the sperm whale – which comes in just under 80 feet, the giant ocean manta ray – which measures an impressive 23 feet, as well as the Japanese spider crab which measures 12.1 feet.

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The largest creature though, and by quite a margin at that, was the blue whale – which measures a whopping 108.3 feet in total length. The runner up was the sperm whale, and that was nearly 30 feet shorter. Some of the other odd members to the list included the giant clam – which measured 4.5 feet, as well as the giant tube worm, which measures just under 10 feet.

The undisputed five largest creatures though start with the basking shark, which measures 40.25 feet. Next, is the whale shark which measures in at 61.68 feet long. The third-largest is the sperm whale which measures 78.74 feet. The Blue Whale comes in second place on this list of the longest creatures in the sea measuring 108 feet. However, the longest measured was the lion’s mane jellyfish which measured 120 feet in length.


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