Windows Phone 8 will support full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and will also provide support for better display and quad-core processors.

At present, the Windows Phone 8 only supports up to 720p of resolution and at the same time uses lower quality WVGA and WXGA resolutions only.

Microsoft has witnessed the changes in the mobile market and seems to have already made its plans for the year 2014. This is definitely good news for future Windows Phone 8 consumers as well as current consumers who are interested in using a 5-inch display smartphone and something that packs a lot more that the current Windows Phone 8 devices.

Reports from The Verge say that ‘Microsoft will issue an update later this year that will add support for 1080p devices, so that they’ll be able to run Windows Phone 8, allowing customers the opportunity to own a phablet-style smartphone running Microsoft’s latest platform.’

The update is expected to arrive by the holiday season meaning that consumers might be able to purchase Windows Phone 8 smartphones that will have 5-inch screens and support 1080p resolution. The Windows Phone smartphones will soon enter the quad-core competition as the update will also bring support for Qualcomm quad-core processors.

Along with this major upgrade to Windows Phone 8, there have been reports that Microsoft is also planning to bring new improvements and features to the platform that the company has codenamed ‘Blue.’ Microsoft seems to be on a roll, and we will soon be getting a lot of new updates soon.


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