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Google Play available in new design, 60,000 low quality apps removed


As we always say, Google is always careful and sensitive to quality. The company has once again proved our point by taking care of all the low quality apps on the Play Store and at the same time rolling out the new and refreshed version of Google Play Store.

Google has just removed 60,000 apps from the Google Play Store that were not up to the mark when it comes to quality and usability. We really do not know why it took so much time for Google to clean these apps but the company has finally done it. It was not only Google who took down these apps, and thanks to the Tech Crunch website we know what exactly happened.

The report from Tech Crunch said: “To be clear, not all of these apps were deleted by Google. Some, such as a handful of Sprint bundles and apps, as well as the product from startup cautionary tale Color and several others, were likely pulled by the publishers themselves. But with a number as high as 60,000, it’s clear that many of these were pulled by Google directly from the Google Play Store.”
Google has also made it a point to properly inform their developers what not to do so that their apps do not get rejected. Here is what Google has instructed:

  • Do not post repetitive content.
  • Product descriptions should not be misleading or loaded with keywords in an attempt to manipulate ranking or relevancy in the Store’s search results.
  • Developers also should not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Google Play Store by rating an application multiple times, or by offering incentives to users to rate an application with higher or lower ratings.
  • Apps that are created by an automated tool or wizard service must not be submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of other persons.
  • Do not post an app where the primary functionality is to: Drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website not owned or administered by you (unless you have permission from the website owner/administrator to do so)
  • Do not send SMS, email, or other messages on behalf of the user without providing the user with the ability to confirm content and intended recipient.

Secondly, Google has also rolled out the new design for Play Store. This new version i.e. the Google Play 4.0 store has been officially released by Google and consumers can go ahead and download it if they want. There are many good things about this update, the most important one being that the update is available for any phone or tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.

Google Play Home

This new version of Play Store comes with a really simple and clean design, it focuses on bigger images and easily catches attention. If you happen to be one of the consumers who are trying to download this update, then do not forget that there will be tremendous load on Google servers right now. So do check out the new update but be patient if it comes to you slow and late.

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