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Musk Says SpaceX Discussed iPhone Satellite Service With Apple – Bloomberg

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US Retail Sales Unexpectedly Rise After Drop in Prior Month
US Jobless Claims Fall for a Fifth Week Amid Strong Labor Demand
How Power Trading Tries to Keep Lights On in Europe 
Wizz to Order 75 More Jets as Expansion Targets 500-Plane Fleet
Sony to Open Theme-Park With Rides From Ghostbusters to Jumanji
Adobe Agrees to Buy Figma in $20 Billion Software Deal
Electric Airliner a Step Closer as Heart Unveils 30-Seat Model
Microsoft’s $69 Billion Activision Deal in UK’s Crosshairs
Tory MPs Criticise ‘Extraordinary’ Decision to Invite China to Queen’s Funeral
Angola’s Joao Lourenco Sworn in for a Second Term as President
NYC Billionaires’ Row Gets Less-Pricey Condos With a ‘Downtown Vibe’
Queen’s Death Means £18 Billion Shift for Royal Family’s Finances
Best Fall Books: Haberman on Trump, Proulx on Peat, and Als’s Prince
Berlin Museum Approaches Ethnological Collection in New Ways
Your Guide to the Permanent Pandemic Economy
The Giant Task Facing Shell’s New Boss: Elements by Javier Blas
The Case Against a Mega 1% Federal Reserve Rate Increase
The Biggest Copper Mine in the US Stalled in Dispute Over Sacred Ground
CFOs May Have the Toughest Job in the C-Suite
An Investing Playbook for These Uncertain Times
Hispanic Workers Are Disproportionally at Risk From a US Recession, Wells Fargo Says
Ontario Forms Pact With Stellantis, Indigenous Groups on EV Push
Kerry Announces US Backing for African Methane-Abatement Drive
Not Every Carbon Price Actually Makes You Pay
One of Vietnam’s Hottest Instagram Spots Shut Over Safety Fears — Again
Amtrak’s Website Crashes as Long-Distance Trains Canceled
Return-to-Office Push Does Little to Solve Transit Agency Problems
The Rise of Crypto Gambling on Twitch
South Korea Tightens Net Around Fallen Crypto Tycoon Do Kwon
Ethereum Finishes Long-Awaited Energy-Saving ‘Merge’ Upgrade


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