Virgin Mobile is giving their prepaid customers the opportunity to have something with data that haven’t ever had before. Specifically, Virgin Mobile, now owned by Sprint, has created prepaid plans that will allow users to share data, the way contract plans work with other carriers — while paying up-front, and without any contract tying them to 2-years of the service.

Their shared data plans are interesting because it do not do anything completely outlandish or unheard of within the industry. The notion of shared data is not taboo or strange, but is split into three categories. The plans are tiered at $65/mo, $90/mo, and then $115/mo, respectively. The three plans will give users either 4GB, 8GB, or 12GB of data to split between two, three, and four lines. Obviously, these costs are excluding fees and taxes that would undoubtedly apply to the cost – but still offer an interesting lineup of data.

Virgin Mobile  Data Multi-Line Sharing Plans

Virgin Mobile though has placed some interesting stipulations on these data plans to this point. First, the company has created a scenario where the plans only function with four smartphones. The HTC Desire 510, the LG Tribute, the LG Volt, and the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. These devices all range from $79 to $149 depending on the device. Virgin Mobile also points out that video streaming might be limited to 3G speeds depending on your location, and when held comparatively to other networks – the Sprint owned Virgin Mobile is undoubtedly one of the slowest on the market without any comparison.

Interestingly though, Virgin Mobile is continuing a data program that allows users to have unlimited data to certain apps such as Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. That gives users an opportunity to use as much data as they would like with those apps, for a fee around $5 a month – and then use the rest of their data allotment to take care of the rest of their data needs. The other caveat with this plan is the fact that it will be exclusively available at Walmart, and it’s unclear how long it will be available for – or if this is something that the company will be working to expand upon as time goes on.



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