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Upcoming Mints: 12-18th September: Norma Jeane And More! – NFTevening.com

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It’s the second week of September, and here at NFTEvening, we are so excited about this week’s upcoming NFT mints. In fact, we have found and selected some of the best NFT collections in the space for you. These NFT collections include ones minting now, later in the week, and current trending projects.
Check out our brilliant NFT calendar to stay up to date with mint dates and other events.
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 12th | Price: Free (whitelist) or 0.085 ETH (public sale) | Supply: 5,000
Yin Yang Gang has had a massive buildup in the NFT community, including a lot of interest on social media. Free-to-mint for whitelist owners, this is an enormous project with a well-established team, brilliant art, and a growing community. The public mint is live now, and the roadmap includes streetwear, music, and much more.
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 10th | Price: 0.3-0.9 ETH | Supply: 4,000
This weekend, the trendy NFT collection Gutter Cat Gang added a new and creative element to its ‘Gang Membership’ tier system, called Gutter Clones. The DNA-2 or DNA-1 NFTs were available via a dutch auction on the 10th.
However, for those who missed out, there are now DNA-1 NFTs live on the secondary market on OpenSea. To get your Gutter Clone, first purchase your DNA, then combine the new DNA NFTs with your original Gutter animal NFTs.
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: September 11th | Price: 1.9 SOL | Supply: 3939
This Solana NFT project aims to build more transparency and visibility in the Solana NFT space using the mythical Dragon pfps. With an extensive roadmap, the team has plans to become a legendary NFT project. They have announced partnerships, secret tool voting, and the Dragon mint this week alone. 
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: August 31st – September 14th | Price: Free and up to $600 | Supply: 20,000 +
The RTFKT CloneX Forging SZN 1 is well underway, and this is one of the biggest NFT capsule drops ever. This huge collection of 10 sets of phygital wearables and more than 60 one-of-one items is linked to every Clone X avatar. Additionally, the forging aspect allows every clone holder to claim this unique merchandise related to their Clone X avatar’s DNA and Trait.
T-shirts are free for all CloneX holders to claim, and there are hoodies, jackets, hats, socks, and sneakers at varying prices. The mint will run until September 14th, and NFT holders then have one week to ‘forge’ their tokens for real-life physical items. 
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: September 12th | Price: 1 SOL| Supply: 6,000
A collection of colorful pfp cats, the story behind this project focuses on the enigmatic Dr. Catwitz in the post-apocalypse. There is a big community building around the collection. Moreover, the roadmap includes plans for charity work, loot boxes, and collaboration collections.
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: September 17th | Price: 1,000 USDT in SOL | Supply: 1,000
LCD Labs unites art and NFTs with this unique collection by world-famous artist Banksy. This tokenized NFT is linked to a real-life physical piece of Banksy art. Each NFT holder can mint a work of art from the Banksy ‘Walled-Off Hotel Box Set.’
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 13th | Price: 1 ETH | Supply: 50
Norma Jeane, the world’s most photographed woman, is being immortalized on the blockchain, thanks to Phto. This collection of 50 curated images features rarely-seen photographs of Norma Jeane, including original negatives, as 1 of 1 fine art photography NFTs.
As part of the collection (which uses the work of  legendary photographer Richard C. Miller) Phto is also releasing a series of five 1-of-1 mixed media derivatives from major Web3 artists. These are Claire Silver, Jeneva, Jeremy Coward, Sara Baumann, and Amber Vittoria. Furthermore, each artist will provide their unique spin on the photographs of Norma Jeane.
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: N/A | Price: Various | Supply: N/A
Although little is known about the small details of the upcoming mint by Sir Anthony Hopkins, we do know somewhat about the NFTs. There are three stages to the collection with varying rarity. Furthermore, the rarest, with only one available, even includes a lunch with the great actor!
The entire project has fantastic utility, with framed physical images, chances to join an intimate discussion with Sir Anthony, and much more.

The Y00ts NFT collection has been one of the biggest NFT launches this year (and it was not without its fair share of drama). Following the mint, the Y00ts team, including Frank DeGods, have taken time off from Twitter. The news also follows huge mint issues, which saw delays and people struggling to mint their NFTs.
The hype surrounding Y00ts has been crazy, so it will be interesting to see what happens next post-reveal.
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As always, make your own research prior to making any kind of investment.
James is an English teacher and freelance writer with a passion for NFTs, football, film and technology.
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