Latest reports indicate that the next-gen Microsoft Xbox 720 might be unveiled in the month of May. There have been rumors which suggested that Microsoft had plans to unveil the Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango) in the month of April itself, but the company has pushed the unveiling to the next month.

Recent reports from The Verge indicate that Microsoft will launch the Xbox 720 next month in a special event just like the one that happened for the Sony PlayStation 4. The Microsoft Xbox 720 is expected to release by the holiday season, the same time period when the Sony PlayStation 4 will hit the consumer market.

Even though there has been no official announcement from the company, and nor has Microsoft given out any technical specifications of the Xbox 720, there have been reports that the Xbox 720 might use an AMD system on a chip that combines the powerful ‘Jaguar’ central processing units with graphics chips. Microsoft is also trying an efficient and economic technology which will allow the company to cut down costs, allowing consumers to buy the next-gen console at a much better price.

Even though the new technology might cut down the cost of the Xbox 720, there are some facts that will be hard to digest even for the best of gamers as few reports say that the Xbox 720 could be rather expensive.

Recent rumors indicate that the Xbox 720 will be available as a subscription-based model and a standard model. Windows blogger Paul Thurrott revealed the pricing options that could be applicable for the Microsoft Xbox 720. He said that the Xbox 720 will be launched in November with the subscription-based model priced at $300, whereas the standard model will be available for $500. He even said that overall the new platform seems to be ‘expensive.’

We have also heard that the Xbox 720 might require you to be connected to the internet, and there have been reports wherein gamers and consumers have already started showing their disappointment with respect to this possible restriction.

We expect Microsoft to make an official announcement well soon that will be the best way to eliminate all unwanted rumors.