T-Mobile unveiled their new editions to the prepaid space by creating plans that are simpler, and would be more attractive to more users. The company is calling the new plans “Simply Prepaid” and they will offer three tiers of service within the umbrella of coverage. The Simply Prepaid plans start at $40/mo and that package allows 1GB of data usage. For those who want to boost their data coverage – there are also 3GB and 5GB options, which cost $50 and $60 respectively. All plans include unlimited talk and text, and provide 4G LTE data, as well. Interestingly though, any amount of data that a user goes over within the plan, is served up by T-Mobile at a significantly slower speed. Specifically, the 128K speed that is otherwise known as 3G speed, or slightly lower.

President and CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere pointed out in a statement after the launch that the real reason, why carriers struggle with prepaid packages, is because they offer so little in terms of true competition. “There’s a reason the Un-carrier continues to be Number 1 in prepaid, and it starts with our willingness to break the rules and give customers better choices.” He also added, “We will never stop eliminating customer pain points. The 1.2 million net new prepaid customers who joined T-Mobile last year already see that value, and we have no plans to stop there.”

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While the plans have launched in description, they have yet actually to begin selling. T-Mobile said that on January 25th all of the new plans and options would be available. Some of the major differences between these plans, and the currently prepaid plans that exist within the T-Mobile umbrella simply eliminate some of the extended features that aren’t entirely necessary. For example, the new series of prepaid options eliminate the free international texting, and the free music streaming feature that allows users to stream music – while not draining their monthly allotment of data.

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The pricing of these new plans is slightly cheaper than the previous plans offered by the company, but it’s worth noting that this has ultimately been a point of contention within the smartphone community and specifically within T-Mobile. It is been suggested that this could ultimately take business away from T-Mobile’s Metro PCS business, which sells the same features and plans – on the same network. However, T-Mobile seems confident in their ability to move forward with these plans – that will surely be a hit within the mobile prepaid community.


  1. Coverage is hit or miss on T-Mobile. But it’s really worse is that the marketing people still think the definition of “unlimited” runs contrary to common sense and dictionary definitions.

    They must hire morons or people with serious mental disabilities.

    I imagine most T-Mobile customers would actually be better if they got Google Voice, a Comcast account and used the Comcast Hotspot network. Comcast has come a long way!

  2. I’ll keep my $30 T-Mobile prepaid plan with 5GB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talk time. I just use Hangouts and my Google Voice number for unlimited talk over Wi-Fi and mobile data. Works great!


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