Hacker’s List is taking an approach similar to Angie’s List on connecting users and freelance hackers. For those who are looking to have something as small as an iPhone breached confidentially, the freelance hacking site allows users to post jobs that need to be done. After the job is posted, the user will also post the amount of money that the user would like to spend ideally on the hack – and then hackers can suggest how they would execute the job. At that point, the user can select the hacker that they would like to execute the job – and then pay them accordingly.

The concept of the site is rather simplistic, as it is similar to many job boards for freelancers of all types, as well as similar to sites where users can get construction jobs contracted. Interestingly though, the site went live in November, and currently has roughly 400 posts from users seeking hackers. Most of the hacking that is being asked is actually quite mundane, compared to some of the extreme types of jobs that have been in the news lately. However, it does begin to creep into the territory that is difficult to monitor.

At what point does it cross the line and become a legal issue? Moreover, how would any authoritative figure ensure that the jobs that are being done, aren’t actually crimes? These questions are ones that many who are supportive of hackers – and understand their role in the way the Internet is maintained – say is simply a part of what is required to continue keeping the Internet safe. The site features roughly 70 hacker profiles that can be easily searched through and monitored. However, it would appear as though most of those accounts are relatively inactive. That is either good planning on the part of the individuals who are doing the job or just reassures the point that not everyone is going to find this type of site useful – at least initially.

There are other sites similar to this, most notably NeighborHoodHacker.com, but Hacker’s List does forbid using “the Service for any illegal purposes.” If nothing else it is a showing of what the computer age has brought to the table. It is become common practice to look for these kinds of services, and at the end of the day – that is ultimately what this site is here to do – connect hackers and people.