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Greene County Supervisors Extend Solar Panel Moratorium – Raccoon Valley Radio

The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Monday in regular session.
During reports, Supervisor Pete Bardole mentioned that he attended a meeting for the Nueva Vida En Greene County initiative to attract the Latino population to work and live in Greene County. Supervisor Chair John Muir expressed concern from the last report they received about several Latino business owners looking to expand or start a business in Greene County, which was different from the original goal of hiring Latinos to fulfill the available jobs in the county. Muir was asking for more transparency and having someone from the initiative to discuss what the overall goals were.
County Attorney Thomas Laehn then presented the Board with a draft of the code of ordinances. He suggested having a public hearing on October 3rd to recodify the code of ordinances, including the provisions for the utility-scale solar energy projects, with the goal of final approval taking place on October 17th. The Board agreed with the timeline.
The Board heard an update from Jefferson City Administrator Mike Palmer. He said the water main replacement project on Russell Street from Highway 4 to the wastewater treatment plant is on track to finish by early October. He mentioned the library feasibility study is being completed and they are looking forward to a formal presentation to the public at Wild Rose Casino and Resort soon. Finally, Palmer said the animal shelter project looks to be completed and open by November 1st.
The Supervisors also approved hiring Bret Kersey as an Equipment III Operator for the Secondary Roads Department with a $24.44 per hour wage and can receive a $0.50 increase after the standard six month probationary period is over. He will start on September 16th.
The Board held a public hearing to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed $3.8 million for a new state communications system including a new tower, mobile and portable radios, along with any other required equipment. Following the hearing, the Board approved the resolution for authorization and additional proceedings, including finalizing the exact amount for the Board to borrow for its loan for the project.
Finally, the Board held another public hearing to extend the moratorium ordinance on utility-scale solar energy projects to October 24th at noon or when the county recodifies its ordinances. The Board approved the first reading of the amended ordinance following the hearing. A discussion also took place where the Supervisors agreed to provide a better definition of what should be included with the solar energy company’s 1,000 acre limit per solar panel project. 


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