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Why Kittynomica is taking meme coins to the next level
It’s been 14 years since the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin emerged and ever since then, there are currently more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, and more are still entering the market.
Not only have the number of these digital assets increased but their values and impact on the economy have also increased significantly.
When the first cryptocurrency was released, its worth was equivalent to two pizzas, but now, some cryptocurrencies are worth thousands of dollars!
In centralized economic and financial systems, the government regulates the flow and supply of money but when it comes to cryptocurrency, intangible digital assets such as tokens can be exchanged through platforms and even used to purchase physical assets the way traditional money is used.
The decentralized nature of these digital assets lessens the devaluation of the currency, reduces centralized control, and increases financial freedom.
Here are some cryptocurrencies that are the rave of the crypto market.
Kittynomica is a meme coin that is on a mission to dominate meme coins everywhere. Kittynomica wants to help meme lovers create a universe where they can bond with like-minded people as well as create valuable memes.
Kittnomica is a meme coin of the people as the Kittynomica ecosystem seeks to become a refuge for users, especially Gen Z and Millenials where they can connect with other users and interact with the memes other users have created within the metaverse.
Creators are awarded Kittynomica tokens and these creators can mint their created memes into NFTs and sell them on the Kittynomica marketplace. This marketplace is a space where users can buy, sell, and swap their memes and NFTs.  Creators are also allowed the opportunity to network with other creators from different parts of the world.
Kittynomica is out to solve the problem of lack of creator ownership rights among creators who are not given the deserved value for their creations. Meme coins are created to boost the creativity of their users and Kittynomica’s goal is to empower meme and meme coin lovers to add value to the metaverse by creating memes in it.
Tron is a decentralized blockchain-based digital platform with its native cryptocurrency Tronix or TRX. Tron’s primary goal is to host a  global entertainment platform for affordable and effective sharing of digital content. Tron makes use of decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and tokens.
Tron has soon become a major competitor to Ethereum due to its blockchain nature affording traders affordable fees and a faster transaction speed that surpasses what Ethereum has to offer and this has caused increased migration of crypto traders to blockchain-based assets like Tron.
Solana is a formidable blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and with its ever-improving technology, the Solana ecosystem continues to stand tall among other digital assets in the cryptocurrency market.
With its unique and outstanding features, Solana is known as the fastest blockchain cryptocurrency in the world and has surpassed the limitations of many cryptocurrencies.
Solana is efficient, and stable and offers cheap and affordable transaction fees. Solana is a cryptocurrency computing platform whose primary goal is to achieve speedy transaction processes without limiting decentralization.
Solana’s native cryptocurrency SOL is used for making transactional payments and for staking.
Solana came into the crypto market with the sole aim to resolve the issues of low scalability, poor transaction speed, and the increased cost of commercial activity, the same problems leading coins in the market such as Bitcoin weren’t able to tackle.
This feat has made Solana outstanding when compared to other digital currencies. Solana also bears close similarities to  Cardano, which also provides a community that offers stable transactions for its users and has also successfully implemented proof-of-stake (PoS) in its ecosystem.
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