Microsoft has officially announced their next major project and release that doesn’t involve a smartphone or tablet. At least not directly, anyway. While a lot of the details remain murky, and we’ve only seen a small glimpse of the virtual reality that Microsoft will attempt to immerse its customers within, it looks very impressive. An eventual rival to any VR goggles produced by Google, Samsung, or other competing companies – the HoloLens headset will run Windows Holographic and deliver holograms in addition to a virtual reality.

Instead of requiring a smartphone, or additional computer technology to make the headset work – the HoloLens will operate as its own computer – according to Microsoft. The company has said that the device will feature “the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen,” which will include a CPU, GPU and holographic processor that is dedicated to producing those much-anticipated holographs. The company notes that it is not just about being immersed in an experience, but also having interaction within the experience. That is why the company decided to take this in this direction.

Windows 10 HoloLens Living Room

However, being free of wires and a computer is not the only major breakthrough. The HoloLens will be a major breakthrough in the computing space as well. It will be running Windows 10, released within the Windows 10 timeframe, according to the company – and will feature some of the most-advanced and critically acclaimed functional features delivered in any headset experience. The company noted that the headset is still early in development though and that users should not expect the headset to launch just yet. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft reassured customers though that the device wouldn’t just be available in the Windows 10 timeframe, but that it would be priced to be available to consumers as well as enterprise users.

Windows 10 Surface Hub

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That though isn’t the only ambitious project that Microsoft has taken on this year. The Surface Hub tablet is the most ambitious tablet-design that the company has put together yet and should definitely see its share of enterprise user’s jump onboard. That being said, it should also be one that is quite costly, and pretty much exclusive to enterprise users, but that is what the company ultimately needs to go after moving forward.


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