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Kim Dotcom launches NSA-proof MEGAchat with E2EE to take on Skype


Kim Dotcom has launched a video and voice chat service that is entirely encrypted (End-to-End Encryption aka E2EE) and will allow the utmost security throughout the entire chatting experience. The goal of Kim Dotcom is to kill Skype entirely. The service, which is being called MegaChat, works very simply and works through a browser, instead of working by means of an installed program. That ensures that no one can see the contents of what is being communicated, traded, or spoken. Kim Dotcom is dubbing MegaChat as a Skype killer, and even spreading the world using hashtag #SkypeKiller in an effort to kick start the service via social trend.

However, not everyone is convinced that this will either kill Skype or is all that secure. In fact, many security analysts have said that the security and encryption techniques that are used with this particular platform, and security of Mega as a whole, citing that the process used to make the platform secure ultimately falls short of even basic security measures. That would make Mega a theoretical risk for users who are in fact sharing sensitive data. That being said, those who do want to communicate privately, without the watchful eye of whoever could be watching such NSA or anyother agencies – whether that’s the government, or just someone who has an interest in what they’re talking about – might feel less inclined to use the service.


Kim Dotcom became famous for creating the file-sharing site MegaUpload. However, that site was ultimately shut down, and at that point – the founder actually created Mega, which focused primarily on encryption and privacy. The creators say that text chat and even video conferencing capabilities will be added in the coming weeks and months, but right now – the service that is available is being billed as a beta test. Security online, particularly as it pertains to video and text chats is by far the most important piece of the technological world that exists right now. Companies are finally being forced to spend money, and actually focus on the importance of securing their business online, but also securing their employees online – as 2014 wound up being one of the most impactful years in recent memory for cyber security concerns. It remains to be seen how well-received this will be, or how long it will actually function before regulation force this platform to be looked at more closely.

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