Apple did not say much about battery life when the company initially showed the Apple Watch off in the fall. While there have been several conflicting reports as to the reason for that, one report, in particular, lays out the battery life in black and white for the Apple Watch. The results though are anything but attractive. That being said, many have now jumped to the conclusion that Apple likely left details out around the battery back in the fall due to the fact that they were still in development and the company likely hoped that they would successfully get that figure improved.

The numbers are not shocking, but at the same time – they are a little disappointing. On one hand, for those who use the device passively, and regularly with applications – the Apple Watch should last about 19 hours. However, those who are using the device a little more aggressively and are using more apps, and more frequently checking things on the smart watch – it will likely only last a few hours. The same report though did indicate that through extremely limited use, the device could last two or three days.

Samsung reportedly making Apple S1 for Apple Watch coming early March 2015

Regardless, those numbers are neither impressive – nor shocking – given the climate and the relative newness that encompasses the smartwatch space. While Apple is obviously looking for ways to improve those figures, it is not such a bad result that potential buyers are likely to be turned off. In fact, the report still stands that a significant percentage of iPhone 6 users plan on buying an Apple Watch, as well.

apple iphone-6-plus

Speaking of the iPhone 6, Apple is likely to be celebrating record-breaking sales in Asia in the coming week when the company announces their quarter one results. Interestingly, Apple reported a more than doubling of its market share in Samsung’s home market – that is a major shot for the company who has already been struggling significantly over the last year. However, for those who are supporters of Samsung – this could merely be due to the fact that the company has not yet launched their newest flagship – and seeing how the Galaxy S5 performed so poorly against even older models of the iPhone – it wouldn’t be a surprise that Apple did extend its market share even further this quarter. The record breaking sales are likely to be just another example of Apple winning while Samsung continues to stumble in even its own markets.