The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its Doomsday Clock even closer to midnight, citing serious concerns around global nuclear security, IT security issues, and artificial intelligence, and, of course, the climate. While no one should have been surprised about the climate being a major driving force behind pushing the clock to just 3 minutes before midnight, the move is one that caught some off-guard. The clock is not an actual clock. In fact, the Doomsday Clock is something of an imagined thing, which is controlled by a group of highly-touted scientists.

That being said, there is a certain degree of merit behind this – as it pertains to our history, and what were some of our most-uncertain times. While this isn’t the closest the clock has ever been set to midnight – the proverbial time of the apocalypse – it is a significant shift over the course of the last 20-30 years. It saw a low in 1991, which put it at 11:43 – or 17 minutes before midnight. While that might not seem like a lot – it is when you consider how little the clock moves. Now, compare that with the fact that since the clock was established in 1947, it reached its peak in 1953 when it was set at 11:58 amid concerns about nuclear tests being conducted by the Soviet Union, as well as the United States.

Rosetta enjoying the company of Comet 67-P and Philae

However, much of this seems like dramatic overture when not compared with the growing warning signs about the host of issues facing those of us on Earth today. The group said thanks to carbon emissions, humans are “profoundly transforming earth’s climate,” and with regards to the relaxing efforts to reduce nuclear arms, the group says that those efforts have “found to a halt.”

It offers a stark outlook of what humans have created here on Earth and it really places a major set of responsibility on coming generations. While this is the darkest outlook that has been cast by any official group, it suggests the urgency with which people need to have as it relates to these problems. The group also mentioned and included IT security issues within their assessment. That is something that hasn’t ever happened before, so it speaks to the growing concern around these vast issues.


  1. Well there you have it! The self righteous progressive liberals gutted our economy with rainbow chasing ideas such as subprime housing,fun-employment, climate change (aka global warming), and obama care.
    In the meantime Mr. Putin (Hitler incarnate) readies his ICBMs to nuke fry US in our cities. Madmen like Putin have just waited for an opportunity like this. Whereas, liberals have gutted our economy, hence our military has fallen to an all time low in might. In the meantime Putin has built his giant war machine selling LP gas to Europe. Oh I don’t expect you pinkos to do anything less than mock at me. However, the dessert comes when the Putin warheads come raining down on US. Then you will remember this little blog as your life slowly ebbs away from fallout burns. Perhaps then in your stubborn tiny little self righteous brains you will finally be able to admit how wrong you are in almost every aspect in life.

  2. And the DoomsDay Clock, once relevant in the Cold War days, just moved several minutes closer to total irrelevance by including the political fantasy of global warming…

  3. I think the end is near. People online tell me the WMD’s that were in Iraq are now in Syria. If ISIS gets a hold of them it’s all over.

  4. I think this is only relevant to people who have children and are thus psychically connected to the future. I don’t have any and consider my world to end in about 12 years, which is fine, because once I close my eyes for good I won’t know nothing from nothing, and a philosophical case can be made for the universe having ended.

    Ironically the biggest problem people with children have is too many people. The world can only sustain about 2 billion and we are going on 8 and counting. Climate change is merely a symptom (a red herring, really), as is water shortage, which should be more of a concern. But the first cause and overwhelming problem is overpopulation.

    People can never do anything about any of it because they are about 10 points on average too unintelligent, another irony, since they are so close to being survivable. The Japanese and Chinese are on average a few points smarter than Caucasians, Arabs and Africans and they have way fewer progeny, to lend credence to the merit of what I just concluded.

  5. I should have added “now” after my remark about the Chinese having fewer children. They already cooked their goose before exercising their superior intelligence and slowing the avalanche down. In the future they will have to get their water from other countries. Their water table is falling at a pernicious rate.


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