Google Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt made some comments on Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that caught everyone off-guard. “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” Schmidt remarked regarding the future of the Internet as a whole. He also added, “There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you will not even sense it.”

Those comments were received quite negatively since the company he leads largely considered one of the biggest players in the technological world. Specifically, it would seem strange for a member of the executive team at Google to be saying that the Internet – would effectively disappear or be gone, in some matter of time. However, he rebounded and clarified his comments on Friday after the world of criticism came his way. What he ultimately explained was that he was talking about something much more significant, something much larger than the traditional span of the Internet.

Essentially saying, that the Internet as we know it probably will not exist a number of years from now. Instead, he pointed out that things will be so involved, and so integrated that the connections will likely happen on their own without much work or effort out of the user. The connections will happen instantly as soon as an individual walks through a door. They will be opened up to that network, and they will be interacting with that network.

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This though isn’t something new or outlandish really in the land of technology. Tech companies have been saying for some time now that this move was one that has been a long time in the making. Users are becoming more involved so as the technology is becoming more involved with them. To think that users will have these services be a part of them at all times really suggests something groundbreaking from start to finish, yet something that Eric Schmidt apparently doesn’t feel is that far off in the future. Right now, consumer interest simply isn’t to that level yet – especially with rising security concerns about some of these even basic connections that exist. If nothing else, the future of the Internet is anything but certain – that much is for sure.


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