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Windows RT tablets fading to Extinction, No upgrade to Windows 10

Windows RT is not dead yet, but it is certainly on its way to extinction. Microsoft announced this week that they would not be updating Windows RT to Windows 10 – the company’s next installment of their operating system – and it is difficult to blame them. While the company did say that they would be installing some of the features, and would be adding some functionality from Windows 10 onto those RT-based tablets, they made it clear that the long-term plan was not to make any major changes to the systems.

These Windows RT-based tablets were the ones that used ARM-based chips, and boasted increased battery life and significantly better performance on particularly thin devices. However, they did not catch on the way Microsoft had hoped – so the devices have slowly begun their crawl to extinction. Perhaps the most challenging thing for Windows RT-based devices was that they hit the market just shortly after Windows 8 launched in 2012. There simply wasn’t much that was said positive about Windows 8, and Microsoft has proven – by skipping “Windows 9 entirely – to be difficult on the company. However, it was not simply a guilt-by-association problem, either.


It was as much a software and functionality problem – as it was anything else. Specifically, mainstays of Microsoft’s operating system – like Outlook – weren’t even functional on these RT-based devices. Microsoft’s willingness to cut out certain applications, certain companies, simply due to the company’s desire to limit the clutter on the devices. That was in an effort to keep them fast, keep them free of unnecessary clutter, and ensure that battery life really could continue to thrive on the devices.


Even Microsoft’s Surface tablet – that is the company’s flagship tablet – that is running RT will get just “some of the functionality of Windows 10.” Ultimately, if Microsoft is not even willing to update its premiere ARM-based product, then they certainly will not be updating anything else, either. If the company did have plans to update any of their devices entirely, or continue on with the product lineup, then they certainly would have updated that device – of all of the Microsoft devices they have out there running RT-based systems. It is all an indication that the end is very close for Windows RT. While it may not be completely imminent at this point, it certainly can be estimated that the systems will be wiped out in a few months.

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