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When is the iPhone 14 coming out? – KnowTechie

Apple normally releases new iPhones in September. Is that the case for the iPhone 14?
Apple plans to release a substantial number of new devices over the next year. Four of those devices will be the next iPhone range, but when is the iPhone 14 coming out?
UPDATE 9/8/2022 3:37 PM ET: The iPhone 14 preorders start September 9. The iPhone 14 will be available from Sept 16, with the iPhone 14 Plus available from October 7. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are available from September 13.
The rumor mill is in overdrive around these new devices. We’ve got design leaks, screen leaks, size leaks, and leaks about what will power each individual iPhone 14 model.
What we haven’t seen leaked yet is the release date. That’s okay though, as we can make some inferences on the iPhone 14’s release window based on every other year that Apple has released a new iPhone.
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Short answer: September, 7, 2022
Going on historical data, Apple usually releases the new iPhone ranges in September. We expect an Apple Event in mid-September, specifically, September 7. After that, preorders will follow, then retail availability closer to the end of the month.
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The event kicks off at 10 A.M. PT / 1 P.M EST and will stream live via the company’s website. Additionally, Apple will host the in-person event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.
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So there you have it. Apple’s iPhone 14 release date will fall on September 7. That means we’ll find out if all the leaks about the iPhone 14 range are true.
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